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Brammo Launches Composite Production Electric Motorcycle

  • Sunday, 15th July 2007
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Brammo Motorsports has launched the Enertia, said to be the world’s first production battery powered plug-in electric motorcycle.

The Enertia utilizes a carbon fibre chassis producing an ultra strong, light-weight vehicle platform of just 275 lbs. The chassis integrates six lithium-phosphate batteries from supplier Valence Technology that together produce the power to propel the Enertia to a top speed of over 50 mph.

The Enertia’s driving of 45 miles significantly exceeds the average daily commute for the average U.S. consumer of 29 miles. Battery charge time is 3 hours to full re-charge.

“We believe consumers are eager to adopt vehicles that have a fraction of the carbon footprint of a today’s cars”, says Craig Bramscher, Chairman & CEO of Brammo Motorsports, “Our Enertia electric motorcycle empowers people to make this choice today.”

Brian Wismann, Brammo Director of Design, “It is extremely satisfying to design a vehicle that people can both feel good about using and appreciate the way it looks.”

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