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Bond-Laminates Continues to Expand Tepex Capacity

  • Tuesday, 16th October 2007
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Bond-Laminates is currently planning an additional Tepex production line to manufacture its thermoplastic fibre composites at its existing production site in Brilon, Germany.

For the second time in two2 years, Bond-Laminates is significantly extending the production capacity for Tepex. The companies company’s first production facility was commissioned in 2003, with a rated capacity of 400 tons. An additional production line with an annual capacity of 800 tons was commissioned in April this year. By the time the third line (800 tons) is added, Bond-Laminates will have increased its production capacity five-fold within a period of just five years.

This rapid increase in production output has been driven by growing demand for the tailor-made advanced thermoplastic composite material Tepex. The rise in demand is also generated as a result of its increased international promotion and global positioning. The company, based in Brilon, Germany, has succeeded in considerably expanding its business worldwide. Its traditional core markets have been in Western Europe. During the past two years it has additionally been enjoying increasing success with Tepex in the USA and in Southeast Asia.

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