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Boeing Discusses Progress on 787 Dreamliner

  • Friday, 17th June 2005
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Boeing’s 787’s Vice President held a media briefing at the Paris Air Show to report on the progress of the composite 787 Dreamliner whilst taking the opportunity to highlight its appeal to potential airlines and customers.

Mike Bair provided an update on the progress being made in the design and development of the new airplane, by highlighting the work that is being made on areas such as the nose cone (pictured).

“”We’ve built four development composite barrel sections at this point and are entirely convinced that we have our manufacturing solutions in place,”” Bair said. Most recently the team in Wichita, Kan., built a nose section as part of the development effort.

In Everett, the 787 team is building part of a full-scale wing box to demonstrate the manufacturing techniques and support certification of the new airplane.

“”It is a true testament to the team that we have created and proven these techniques in so short a period of time and with truly outstanding results,”” Bair said.

He credited the innovative and integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) toolset developed by Paris-based Dassault Systemes with providing a real competitive advantage.

“”Our international team is better equipped to develop solutions, consider alternatives and make decisions thanks to our digital toolset,”” Bair said. “”Even now, one year before we start building our first airplane and two years before it flies, we know that our designs are optimized and achievable.””

Although he pointed out that the 787 has significantly more advances compared to previous airplanes, the team has reduced the development cycle by one year thanks in large part to the digital toolset, Bair said. He added that the market response to the 787 is “”validation”” that the team is getting it right.

“”We have the right airplane at the right time,”” Bair said. “”Its fuel efficiency, range, cargo capability and improved maintenance make it very attractive to airlines. The number of customers and their diversity in terms of geography and business models highlight the 787’s ability to meet the different needs of different airlines.

“”The team is humbled and motivated by the market response. We’re working diligently to meet the expectations of our customers. They have put their trust in us and we will perform.””

The image shows the first 787 Dreamliner nose section which has been completed in Wichita, Kansas. The section, a single composite part with a high degree of contour, is one element of the development activity being conducted to prove manufacturing techniques for the all-new jetliner. The team will cut doors and windows in the weeks ahead and conduct thorough testing to ensure that all expectations for reliability and accuracy are met.

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