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BMC and Easton Sports Develop Nano-cycle for Tour de France

  • Friday, 8th July 2005
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

BMC, the Swiss high-tech bicycle brand, and Easton Sports have developed the “Pro Machine” for the Tour de France with a frame made from carbon nanotechnology.

The Pro Machine has been produced for the number 1 Pro Tour Team Phonak and follows the “Time Machine” bike produced last year by the same company, for time trial bikes.

BMC’s cycle is the first bicycle frame made entirely using the revolutionary Easton CNT-Nanotechnology.

By using the CNT-Nanotechnology BMC were able to build a frame with minimal weight and maximal strength using a new engineering and manufacturing processes to build the hi-tech frame. The BMC “Pro Machine” frame, weighing less than 1kg is also said to have excellent stiffness and strength characteristics.

Beside the innovative BMC Crosslock-Technology frame design there is a number of innovative details integrated in the frame. BMC said that the bottom bracket threading is the only alloy part on the frame with none of the parts needing to be machined after production. Normally machining destroys carbon fibres and results in a damage of the fibre structure.

“We from BMC are convinced, that we have built a frame that will set a new trend in the bicycle industry. We are extremely proud to offer this frame with Easton CNT-Nanotechnology exclusively to the Phonak Cycling Team. We are sure that we can motivate the Team with this performance advantage for even better results”, the company added.

John Harringtron from Easton Sports stated that the technology used in the frame is the same kind of technology used in other bicycle components. The frame is produced using the bladder molded process incorporating a pre-preg utilizing Easton’s resin system containing CNTs.

The BMC “Pro Machine” was presented for the first time during the official press conference of the 92nd Tour de France earlier this week, which ends on 24 July.

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