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Best Practices Symposia at Composites 2003

  • Friday, 29th August 2003
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

John Brandt, CEO of the Manufacturing Performance Institute and Editor-at-Large for Chief Executive Magazine will deliver “Best Practices in Achieving World-Class Status in Manufacturing” on October 2 at Composites2003in Anaheim, Calif.

He is one of four speakers invited by the Composites Fabricators Association (CFA) to lead the CCP-sponsored Best Practices Symposium, a program designed to offer new perspectives and tried techniques to composites manufacturing industry leaders.

“John Brandt is just the kind of speaker we’ve been trying to attract to our Best Practices Symposium,” said CFA Executive Director Missy Henriksen. “He’s consulted the world’s top manufacturing companies, has acute insight into forging successful strategies in today’s tricky economy, and is a recognized expert in breaking down and evaluating critical variables for strong enterprise in industry.”

Brandt will focus on three core strategies for manufacturers: 1) Customers, which includes organizing a business around customers, maximizing customer contact and quick response; 2) Quality, which conveys the necessity of building quality into job descriptions and the entire manufacturing process; and 3) Agility, the need to create a flexible factory, to build on demand, and develop a resourceful workforce.

Former head of Disney Studio training G. Douglas Lipp, author of Even Monkeys Fall From Trees and Even Texans Eat Tofu, will lead a discussion on “Overcoming Risk-Induced Challenges,” and developing the ability to deal with setbacks. Lipp believes that setbacks can nurture strength and experience to help a company become the hallmark of consistent market leadership. Anastasia Albanese-O’Neill, District Marketing Manager for Southwest Airlines, will openly analyze how Southwest fixed on customer service to create its own niche in the airlines industry, and what techniques Southwest implements to differentiate itself — through “The Creation on an Innovative Culture” — from a host of competitors. “World Class Customer Service” expert Robert Spector, author of The Nordstrom Way, Lessons From the Nordstrom Way,, Get Big Fast, and Anytime, Anywhere, will break down how Nordstrom fosters a 50,000-employee culture that is 100 percent committed to customer service. Spector also will tell the story of

“This year’s lineup brings a balance of expertise to our Best Practices Symposium,” adds Henriksen. “We want to set the standard here for providing our attendees access to the world’s most successful business leaders and the knowledge they can impart to our own leaders in the composites industry. These sessions are all about finding new perspectives, triggering new ideas that composites industry leaders may want to try when they get back to their shops. It’s a way to encourage calculated risk.”

Currently, the Best Practices Symposium is open only to CFA members. Non-members can take part, however, if they attend a Non-Member Orientation or meet to discuss CFA membership options with someone in the membership department.

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