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Bayer MaterialScience Cooperates with FutureCarbon

  • Wednesday, 22nd August 2007
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Bayer MaterialScience recently won FutureCarbon GmbH as a cooperation partner for its Baytubes activities, to manufacture aqueous nano dispersions using a new dispersion process for which a patent has been filed.

“FutureCarbon is an innovative and flexible partner that will open up a very large and attractive market for high-tech nano dispersons,” explains Martin Schmid, head of global Baytubes operations at Bayer MaterialScience. He also sees great opportunities for Baytubes as additives for thermoplastics, rubber and polyols for polyurethanes and in the production of catalysts.

“Bayer MaterialScience is a first-choice supplier that can provide us with a reliable supply of CNT with an outstanding level of quality and purity,” stated Dr. Walter Schütz, Managing Director of FutureCarbon, as the two companies signed the contract. In addition to aqueous and solvent-based nano dispersions, FutureCarbon also supplies concentrates of carbon nano materials in waxes, epoxy and cyanate ester resins, and pitch. The product portfolio also includes metal-coated carbon nano materials and nano master batches for thermoplastics.

“Our customers include manufacturers of battery technology, conductive coating systems and hydrogen storage. Moreover, our materials are used, for example, to produce catalysts for fuel cells or heterogeneous catalysis or to customize new high-performance materials such as CNT composites with resins, ceramics and metals,” added Schütz.

Baytubes are agglomerates comprising multi-walled carbon nanotubes made up of several graphite layers. At present, Bayer is operating a pilot plant for the production of Baytubes with an annual capacity of 30 metric tons, soon to be increased to 60 metric tons. An industrial-scale production plant with an annual capacity of 3,000 metric tons is also planned.

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