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Barracuda Signs Polyworx Software License

  • Tuesday, 3rd July 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Barracuda Advanced Composites signed a lifetime license with Polyworx to use the RTM-Works software for large infusion projects.

According to Barracuda, RTM-Worx is a Windows-based application, designed to be used for part and process optimisation by engineers with knowledge of the RTM and/or infusion processes. The software combines a goal-centred user interface with a combined Finite Element / Control Volume calculation core to solve the physical equations that govern flow of a resin through a porous medium and is very fast, reliable, robust and accurate. Geometry editor, pre- and post-processor and the solver are completely integrated.

According Jorge Nasseh, Chief Engineering of Barracuda, the company is looking to develop more precise data on permeability and resin uptake in sandwich laminates. There is an open discussion on how core materials behave in terms of final infusion weight and the Polyworx software can be an important tool to predict flow and permeability on those laminates. They believe that very soon manufacturers will search for more data to improve weight and cost performance on infused parts.

Arjen Koorevaar of Polyworx is very happy with Barracuda as a RTM-Worx user. “Especially in the hands of engineers that have a lot of experience with infusion and RTM, the RTM-Worx software is an extremely powerful tool that has proven itself in practice to accelerate the development of injection technology for production parts considerably.”

Barracuda says it shares several goals with Polyworx: eliminate the risks in the infusion process, simplify injection and production strategies, improve part quality and quality control, reduce waste, material consumption and labour cost. Polyworx says having “power users” in industry is very important to receive the feedback necessary to further enhance the software, and to cooperate in acquiring material data, increase knowledge and understanding of the process and to develop new technology.

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