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Aviation Innovations and Research Acquires Fiocco Engineering

  • Sunday, 16th February 2003
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Aviation Innovations and Research has acquired 100% of Fiocco Engineering of Milan Italy, a company that specializes in developing advanced composite materials

Applications served by Fiocco Engineering include:
The Aeronautical Sector; including new Ultra Light Aircraft in several models, and also the M-Starr-01, a remote control aerial unmanned surveillance vehicle that can observe without being observed.
Formula 1 cars, Carbon Fiber frames for Italian auto makers, and bodies applied to Rally Motor Vehicles.
Composite bicycle frames that weigh only 5 lbs.
Monolithic wheels in Carbon Fibre for competition motorcycle racing.
Engineering and building 500 composite auto bodies for an Italian

In early September, 2002, the company purchased 100% of the of the issued and outstanding shares of Aerobond Innovations and Research, Inc. Aerobond owns the design rights to build, manufacture and market the Starfire 2001, a light 4-seat airplane with all composite fuselage structure, with a pusher propeller and a centrally located rear engine.

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