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Automated Dynamics Contracted to Develop Naval Automated Fibre Placement Work Cell

  • Friday, 27th April 2012
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Automated Dynamics is under contract with the Naval Air Warfare Centre to manufacture an automated fibre placement (AFP) work cell.

According to Automated Dynamics, the new machine, which features a four-tow Individual Tow Control (ITC) fibre placement head, is scheduled for delivery in October 2012.

“We’re pleased to work with the Naval Air Warfare Centre to manufacture a machine that will keep them at the cutting-edge of carbon fibre composite material production,” said Robert J. Langone, President, Automated Dynamics. “The versatility and overall efficiency of this machine’s capabilities will allow the Centre to develop solutions that were previously unattainable.”

Specific use of the machine is not available, but according to Automated Dynamics the new work cell will provide the Naval Air Warfare Centre with the ability to produce an array of complex structures and geometries.

Automated Dynamics explain that benefits of the machine include:

•        Increased production versatility, allowing for greater control in the placement of composite tapes,

•        Improved throughput,

•        Reduction in scrap,

•        Expanded capabilities across various applications with a variety of material systems.

They say that the machine will be installed in the composites lab on the China Lake Naval Base in California. Automated Dynamics has also been contracted to provide the Naval Air Warfare Centre with training on the use of the machine, how to maximise the benefits of the ITC fibre placement head and fibre placement production.

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