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Atofina Chemicals, Inc. Launches MEKP Products and Highlight Solutions for SMC Applications

  • Tuesday, 12th October 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Atofina Chemicals Inc. introduced their new line of Disappearing Red or “DR” MEKP’s at booth 1013.

Luperox Disappearing Red (DR) MEK peroxides are a new series of red products whose colour disappears during resin cure. The DR versions of their most popular MEKP’s provide users the same assurance currently afforded by permanent dyes that the initiator is present when mixed with the resin. During cure, however, the initiator colour disappears, allowing the final colour of the cured product to be better controlled by the user.

Luperox 223V75 is a liquid organic peroxide, providing greater ease in handling and use. It can be used to replace solid peroxide alternatives and thereby avoid associated dust problems and the need for pre-dissolution in styrene. Luperox 223V75 also has a higher SADT than competitive liquid alternatives.

In both laboratory testing and commercial settings, Luperox MC has been shown to provide shorter gel-to-cure times compared to other room-temperature-stable peroxides. This performance can help solve problems with non-fills, dull surfaces, edge cracks, knit lines, pre-gel, and undercure, as well as improve production cycle times.

Dr. Richard Chen participated in “The Latest & Greatest in Initiator Systems” educational forum on Wednesday at 4pm.

On February 19, 2004, Total presented a project to reorganize its Chemicals Branch, based on the establishment, alongside Petrochemicals, Specialties and Fertilizers, of a new decentralized organization, which would eventually become independent. This new structure, provisionally called CIP, would consolidate the Chlorochemicals, Intermediates and Performance Products assets of the present Atofina. The new Company name was launched on October 5, 2004.

Arkema, a new global chemical company has been established as part of the reorganisation of Total’s Chemical Branch. Arkema will offer vinyl products, industrial chemicals and performance products. The new structure has sales of 5 billion euros and a workforce of 19,300 employees, and enjoys a global presence through its 90 industrial facilities and 6 research centers across Europe, North America and Asia.

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