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Ashland Introduces New Envirez Resins for General Laminating and Infusion

  • Wednesday, 7th May 2008
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Two new Envirez renewably-sourced unsaturated polyester resins are now available from Ashland Composite Polymers.

Envirez L 86300 resin for general laminating applications and Envirez 86400 INF resin for the infusion process combine Ashland’s bio-resin formulation technology with DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Product’s Susterra1 propanediol to maximize both resin performance and bio content.

Ashlans say that Envirez L 86300 resin is thixotropic and features excellent physical properties with high heat resistance and is user-friendly for spray-up or hand lay-up composite fabrication processes. Envirez 86400 INF resin also features excellent physical properties and high heat resistance but is specifically formulated to maximize wet-out in the infusion process.

“As demand for green products has increased, so has demand for Envirez resin. By incorporating Susterra propanediol, we are now able to expand the range of applications for Envirez resins and offer a sustainable material option to a larger portion of our customer base,” said Jud Smith, vice president, Ashland Performance Materials, general manager, Ashland Composite Polymers.

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