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AOC Aliancys Congratulates Nuon Solar Team on South African Victory

AOC Aliancys Congratulates Nuon Solar Team on South African Victory

  • Tuesday, 20th November 2018
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

The Nuon Solar Team has again won the Sasol Solar Challenge, the South African solar car race. The Dutch team’s vehicle, Nuna9s, is made with a Beyone styrene-free resin from AOC Aliancys.

The Sasol Solar Challenge South Africa is an eight-day race from Pretoria to Cape Town and started on 22 September. The Nuon Solar Team’s Nuna9s solar vehicle is an upgraded version of the Nuna9 that won the World Solar Challenge Australia in 2018.

The event in South Africa turned out to be very tough, with the Nuon Solar Team suffering several setbacks over the course of the race, but it was able to recover and ultimately drove a distance of 4030 km in eight days. The second team achieved 3941 km.

The Nuna9s was constructed at the Polymer Science Park in Zwolle, next to the AOC Aliancys R&D Centre. AOC Aliancys supported the team with composites application technology, and provided hands-on support in manufacturing. The construction is stiffer, stronger and lighter compared to previous Nuna versions, which means a faster, safer and more energy efficient car.

The Nuna9s was made with Beyone styrene-free resin systems used in combination with TeXtreme carbon fabrics supplied by Oxeon. Sustainable Beyone resins feature close-to-zero smell and solvent emissions, and are environmentally preferred alternatives to conventional styrene-based resin systems. The result is a vehicle that combines light weight, great aerodynamics, and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.

Image provided by Jorrit Lousberg / Hans-Peter van Velthoven

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