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Amiantit Achieves Breakthrough in Flexible Joints

  • Friday, 14th July 2006
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Amiantit says that it has achieved a technological breakthrough with the successful testing of its DN2000 PN25 Flowtite joint which passed all requirements without problems.

“”This is a really ground-breaking event. Passing this test proves the robustness of our flexible joint and demonstrates Amiantit’s ability to design and manufacture GRP products for high pressure applications,”” said Eng. Fareed Al-Khalawi, Amiantit President & CEO. “”This development now enables us to bring forward pending projects in the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America, and paves the way for further expansion of the Group.””

The joint is qualified according to ASTM D4161 as well as to the more stringent requirements of ISO 8639 and EN 1119: angular deviation at 50 bar for 24 hours and sheer load at 50 bar for 24 hours, as well as cyclic loading and vacuum.

The demand for large diameter, high pressure, GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) products has been increasing steadily in recent years, partly because of the high price of steel, but also because of the merits of Amiantit’s environment- friendly GRP products which are corrosion-resistant, strong yet lightweight and easy install, and offer a cost-efficient alternative to steel.

The image shows Amiantit’s DN2000 PN25 joint being monitored at 50 bar pressure

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