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Airbus Predicts Demand for 25,000 Aircraft Within Next 20 years

  • Friday, 18th September 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

According to Airbus’ latest projections, due to economic factors such as evolving airlines, expansion of low cost carries and the increase of ‘mega cities’, the global Airline market will see the delivery of 25,000 new aeroplanes between now and 2028.

Larger, eco-efficient aircraft are expected to help ease aircraft congestion and to accommodate growth on existing routes.

“Air transportation is a growth industry, and an essential ingredient in the world economy,” says Airbus Chief Operating Officer Customers John Leahy. “Technology and innovation are key drivers for an eco-efficient aviation sector, and Airbus is at the forefront of both.”

Airbus believe that air traffic growth, increased frequencies, cost reduction, environmental responsibilities and airport congestion are increasingly influencing airlines to capitalise on the benefits of larger aircraft, particularly within aircraft families by minimising training and maintenance costs.

According to their data, in the US in 2007, airlines wasted 740 million gallons of fuel in congestion delays, equivalent to 32,000 London to New York flights.

Airbus say that bigger aircraft with reduced CO2 emissions are a solution. In the last 10 years aircraft have increased in size by three per cent and Airbus predicts that by 2028, the average aircraft will be 26 per cent bigger than today.

Because of these projected figures, it is expected that aircraft like the A380 and composite-based A350XWB will be key to Airbus’ future success.

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