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AGY Expands S-2 Glass Products in Japan

  • Friday, 4th November 2005
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

AGY has completed a distribution agreement with Sakai Sangyo Co., Ltd., Japan, that is part of the company’s plan to expand the use of S2 Glass reinforcements and related products in Asia.

The two companies have worked together for more than seven years as supplier and customer. During the past three years, AGY and Sakai Sangyo have joined forces to develop the Japanese market for composite armour systems.

Sakai Sangyo and Sakai Composite, the largest privately-held composites manufacturer in Japan, comprise the two main divisions of Sakai Group. The new distribution agreement is intended to stimulate growth in additional key composites applications and end-use markets in the country.

“We are confident that Sakai Sangyo is well positioned in key markets and will add value to the new business development initiatives already launched at AGY,” said Drew Walker, AGY Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

“We see this relationship as a way to better serve the high performance materials market in Japan by having a local partner who can and will support our growth initiatives in the region,” continued Walker. “We see value for our customers and future customers by having AGY represented in-country through a knowledgeable and helpful staff of sales and tech support.”

Walker said Sakai Sangyo already has a sales and development team already working with AGY to promote the use of S-2 Glass and expand the current market for the product family. Made exclusively by AGY, S-2 Glass has become standard for high strength, high performance glass fiber reinforcements providing outstanding performance across many applications and markets.

“AGY has been active with S-2 Glass in Japan for many years and we see this new relationship as complimentary to existing efforts in the country to expand the market,” he explained. “We are excited about the potential to leverage the capabilities and industry knowledge of Sakai Sangyo along with the performance advantages of S‑2 Glass fibers to build and grow together the Japanese market.”

Established in 1918 as Sakai Industrial Cloth Manufacturing, Sakai Group was incorporated in 1955 and began production of fiber glass-reinforced plastics in 1967. The company began resin injection molding for high-strength fiber composite materials in 1978 and has since expanded its operations to include virtually all composite manufacturing processes. The company has become an end-to-end fiber processor and composite parts manufacturer for high performance applications. Its headquarters are in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

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