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AGY Adds a New Composite Armour Solution for the European Market

  • Tuesday, 29th January 2008
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

AGY has added an innovative ballistic and blast protection solution called the ThermoBallistic armour system in response to the increased demand for composite armour solutions that are fuelling defence spending and military development programs around the world.

Targeted for the European market, the ThermoBallistic armour system laminates combine continuous structural S-2 Glass, E Glass, or aramid fibres to form X-ply sheets or UD tapes that can be subsequently moulded to create end-user ballistic and blast protection solutions such as armoured vehicle spall liners and BAI plates, where the low areal density and thermoformability of the solution will provide significant benefit to users. “A spall liner can reduce the amount and limit the path of the lethal particles that penetrate the vehicle’s hull when the armour is penetrated,” explains Drew Walker, AGY Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Given the increasing power and lethality of roadside bombs in the Middle East conflicts,” said Walker, “Manufacturers are concentrating their efforts on upgrading the armour on military vehicles, which are a prime target for improvised explosives and roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. This has led to an urgent demand for materials that provide increased performance and lighter weight.”

To meet the urgent need for upgrading military vehicle armour, AGY has increased production capacity of its S-2 Glass fiber reinforcements by fifty percent with the capability of expanding even further in a rapid fashion. “With this significant increase in output, we are confident in our ability to stay ahead of the needs of the market for S-2 Glass reinforcements,” added Walker.

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