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Affan’s New Head Office is Built in Composite Material with DIAB Core

Affan’s New Head Office is Built in Composite Material with DIAB Core

  • Tuesday, 19th May 2015
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Affan is busy creating a completely new head office, showroom and factory for themselves in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) which will be manufactured using mainly Divinycell P.

According to DIAB, Affan started out 11 years ago, designing and manufacturing in complex steel and glass. Four years ago, Affan added sandwich composite materials into their material portfolio. Today, it says it can create any shape and size you need, whether it is a dome, a bridge, a façade, a canopy or a sculpture.

DIAB explains that  they have been cooperating with Affan for several years, first creating a roof over the entrance to the Sidra Medical and Research Centre and lately building a huge canopy roof that shelters the entrance of Abu Dhabi’s premier shopping mall.

“We do everything in house”, says Jacqueline Rufenacht, Production Manager Structural Composite at Affan. “We have five CNC machines whereof the largest is 30 metres long, 8 metres wide and 2.5 metre tall. We do all the composite work ourselves, and moreover we have all the tools and machines necessary for shaping metals.” The new building is expected to stand ready to welcome the 250 Affan employees at the end of 2015.

“The reason we chose sandwich composites with Divinicell for the construction was that we wanted to reduce the steel structure as much as possible”, says Rufenacht. “Many steel beams are taken away and parts of the building are self-supporting, taking their own load. Since the composite panels are much lighter, the building process gets a lot easier and faster. Composites are also very durable and sustainable due to their long lifetime without noteworthy maintenance and low environmental impact.”

The Affan building is 7,500 square metres and 13 metres tall, with production and storage on the upper floor and offices built in on the sides. The ground floor is taken by a big showroom, more production space, and all the machinery. Large roof windows are described as letting in lots of light and everything is painted white to create a spacious, airy feeling. A sliding skylight above the stairs allows access to a recreational area on the roof terrace.

Affan has been working with DIAB ever since they started using composite materials. “We have a good working relationship”, says Janaranjana Oliver, Production Manager at Affan. “DIAB has all the products we need plus fast delivery times compared to other suppliers.”

Photo provided by DIAB.

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