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ACMA 2007 Lifetime Achievement Winners and Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Sunday, 16th September 2007
  • Reading time: about 5 minutes

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has announced its 2007 Lifetime Achievement Winners and inductees for the association’s Hall of Fame.

Larry Ashton and Jacques and Margot Kohn have been named as ACMA’s 2007 Lifetime Achievement winners. Mark Greenwood and John “”Jack”” Roesle, III are being inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame. “”The individuals nominated for these awards have made priceless contributions to the industry,”” said John Tickle, ACMA President. “”For that, we are forever indebted to them.””

Lifetime Achievement Award

To be considered for the Lifetime Achievement Award, nominees must have been involved in the composites industry for at least twenty years and must have made a significant and lasting contribution.

Larry Ashton, currently chairman and chief scientist for Rocky Mountain Composites, has devoted more than fifty years to the composites industry. Ashton’s early career began with the legendary Hughes Aircraft and Hercules-Baccus Works in the development of missiles for strategic and tactical weaponry and aerospace applications. During his work with Hercules, Ashton was mentored by filament winding pioneer Dick Young. This mentoring paid off in the design and fabrication of several new generations of filament winding machines utilizing Ashton’s expertise.

Ashton went on to found Engineering Technology Corporation (ENTEC), the first company to produce a line of commercial filament winding machines. Several other successful composite technology engineering and manufacturing companies followed including Fiber Science Incorporated, Fiber Technology Corporation, Ashton Engineering, Winding Technologies, Aerotrans Corporation and Rocky Mountain Composite (RMC).

Larry Ashton holds more than 10 patents, and many of the manufacturing practices in the industry today are the result of lessons he learned through trial and error. He is most widely known for his innovative approaches in matching materials and processes to reduce manufacturing costs of composite structures. Today, he is working with Spectrum Aeronautical in the development of an all-composite twin engine business jet.

Jacques and Margot Kohn, now retired from the Alcan Baltek Corporation, gave over 60 years of service to the composites industry, making major contributions to the industry with significant involvement in the promotion and advancement of sandwich construction. The Kohns were pioneers in the vertical integration of balsa production which now services the marine, wind energy, military, mass transit and general industrial markets.

Jacques and Margot personally financed construction of the first production equipment needed to service the composites market with contourable end grain balsa. The gamble paid off with market acceptance by several notable boat builders. As the market grew, the Kohns continued to invest, and the company went public in 1969 as Baltek Corporation.

Over the years, the Kohns have provided significant leadership by pushing the limits of sandwich technology and driving the composites industry to new heights. Baltek’s mission was to introduce and educate an entire industry on the advantages of sandwich construction and its relation to composite manufacturing. This technology can, to a large extent, be credited to the decades of tireless effort and dedication of Jacques and Margot Kohn.

ACMA Hall of Fame

Eligibility for the ACMA Hall of Fame requires at least twenty years of service to the industry and a lasting impact that is forever felt by industry professionals.

John “”Jack”” Roesle, global sales and marketing vice president for AOC Resins, is a 46-year veteran of the composites industry, beginning his career as a salesman with Owens Corning in 1961.

For over 30 years, Roesle has been a champion for the advancement of composites products in the transportation industry, participating in initiatives vital to the growth and acceptance of SMC in both structural and body panel applications. As an early member of the SMC Automotive Alliance, Roesle chaired the group’s technical committee for many years as it completed an exhaustive study instrumental in growing the use of composites in the transportation industry.

In the area of moulding, Roesle has networked on a global basis to bring new resin chemistries to market such as low-pressure, low-temperature technology which offered the potential to dramatically lower capital investment in tooling and molding presses.

Mark Greenwood, president of Composite Solutions Consultants, Inc., is a 36-year composites industry veteran. He worked in the Tank and Pipe Division at Owens Corning for ten years, where he worked to develop and promote two of the most significant applications in the industry and contributed to sales in excess of $4.5 billion. He spent his last 24 years at Owens Corning in the Corporate Science and Technology Laboratory.

The holder of nine patents and the author of nearly 40 published papers, Greenwood has been responsible for numerous composite process improvements, materials developments and product design enhancements with a focus on the long-term performance characteristics of materials for use in corrosion-resistant environments.

Throughout his career, Mr. Greenwood has been a tireless promoter of the use of composite materials, working with a variety of composites industry organizations and cultivating working relationships with several universities by initiating and sponsoring projects to develop composite applications.

The ACMA Lifetime Achievement and Hall of Fame Awards will be presented during the Awards Luncheon & Keynote Presentation, Thursday, October 18, 2007, 12pm – 2pm, at ACMA’s Composites & Polycon 2007 in Tampa, Florida.

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