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A New Tool for Preliminary RTM Process Design

  • Wednesday, 17th March 2010
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

The Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing has developed a user friendly software package to simulate RTM processes, freely available even for commercial use.

In order to ensure a robust and reproducible manufacturing process it is essential to be able to simulate the mould-filling process. According to the Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing, the presently available simulation software packages are either too expensive or else they require complementary finite-element modelling software.

For this reason, they have developed the myRTM software package for simulating mould-filling, which they say is very simple to use and which is based on the principle of the cellular automat. In developing the package, the least frequently used features of the commercially available software were consciously set aside, priority being given to user-friendliness in general and clarity of visualising the process in particular. The digitised description of the component is imported directly from a CAD system or via finite-element (FE) software.

It is possible to modify the areas of different permeability of the fibre-reinforcing during the simulation, or define additional gates. The injection pressure can be altered and the effect of race tracking monitored on-line. Features of this kind are designed to enable to obtain the highest possible reliability for a RTM process.

myRTM is Freeware (published under GPL-General Public License) and can be downloaded without charge even for commercial use. The software works under the Windows and Mac operating systems.

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