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3B Launches Improved Continuous Filament Mat for Pultrusion

  • Friday, 21st May 2010
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

3B is launching a new pultrusion mat, designed to allow better defined colours, high gloss and low surface waviness while achieving high mechanical performance.

3B say that up until now continuous filament mats, for use with vinyl esters, unsaturated polyesters, epoxy and polyurethane resins have been marred by a yellow tint, making it difficult for processors to achieve the defined colour desired for the application. According to 3B, their news CFM pultrusion mats offer a balance of surface appearance – colour, gloss and conformability – together with a high strength.

Bertrand Roekens, leader of 3B Science and Technology Department stated, “Processors in the pultrusion market have been under pressure by end users to be able to make parts that have the highest levels of performances combined with a good surface appearance without costly and labour intensive finishing treatments; at the same time they also want a mat that allows them to run their processes more effectively. Our new products offer a perfect balance between performance, processing and appearance”.

The new 3B pultrusion mats are tailored to meet both rigidity and conformability requirements. CM6065 is for applications that require excellent consistency and high efficiency. CM6060 is designed for complex shapes that demand greater conformability while still providing consistency and efficiency.

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