Solvay Continues to Deliver Solutions for Composite Industrialisation at JEC World

27 February 2019

Solvay is at the forefront of the industrialisation era that is sweeping across the composites industry supply chain. The group is ramping up its efforts to support customer programs and ambitions, focusing on materials, processes and operations.

  • Solvay is developing cost-efficient technologies and product forms that enable reduced cycle times, a higher degree of structural integration and the utilisation of automated fabrication processes. These technologies include both thermoset and thermoplastic composite and bonding innovations for fast growing markets such as aerospace, automotive and oil & gas.
    ⇒ At the show samples of innovative thermoplastic composites for automotive and oil & gas, as well as a fan blade from the famous CFM LEAP engine will be on display. Have you heard of our breakthrough bonding technology FuseplyTM? Find out more at the show.
  • Solvay is also strongly engaged in developing advanced process technologies and industrialisation concepts through investments in our application centres to demonstrate rate and cost capabilities of these new technologies.
    ⇒ Watch our new video on our stand showcasing a sub 5 min takt time serial production process and witness the result on a FCA Group door inner demonstrator.
  • Finally, Solvay is investing in step change manufacturing where quality, reliability and productivity are integral to our production, thanks to automated controls and processes, increased capacity and purpose built facilities.
    ⇒ Talk to our team to see how we are bringing automation, digitisation and innovation to our operations.

Visit Solvay in Hall 5, Stand L42 at JEC World 2019.

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