BriskHeat Announces Opening of Next Hot Bonder Calibration Centre in Shenzhen, China

28 February 2019

BriskHeat announces it has opened a calibration centre in Shenzhen, China.

This is the latest in a worldwide network of ACR Hot Bonder calibration and repair centres including Columbus, Ohio and AeroNed B.V. in Rotterdam Netherlands.

“This network of calibration and repair centres dramatically reduces transportation and turnaround time for customers,” said Edye Buchanan, Product Manager for Controllers and Control Systems, BriskHeat. “The remote service centres expand BriskHeat’s commitment to the composite curing industry.”

In addition to offering the only US and Canadian UL recognised hot bonder on the market, BriskHeat offers:

  • Three-year standard warranty with a free loaner program during servicing
  • Technical product specialists and sales engineers to provide field training and phone support
  • A growing network of field distributors and representative groups to quickly respond to customer inquiries and needs

BriskHeat also provides equipment to composite curing training facilities. “Many of our present and potential customers utilise Abaris Training Resources, Inc. to train their employees in composite repair,” Buchanan said. “BriskHeat supplies Abaris with ACR3 units for student training at their facilities worldwide, setting up these students for years of future success.”

BriskHeat is committed to be a worldwide leader in composite curing and repair products and services for years to come. To see a full range of heating products and services the website or call 888-501-7491.

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