Persico Group’s Technological Excellence at JEC World 2019

13 March 2019

Once again, the JEC World composites trade show gives Persico Group the opportunity to highlight its latest technological achievements for the automotive and industrial sectors.

“At this year’s JEC World,” said Sergio Gastaldi, General Manager of Persico Group Automotive, “we are again putting at centre stage Persico’s latest technological innovations for the automotive and industrial sectors, as well as the special know-how and distinctive organisational structure that allow us to provide our customers with turnkey products and 360-degree service. Not only do we supply moulds and systems, but also – and above all – technology, which puts us in the position to ensure full customer support along the entire production process, down to the manufacture of the final pieces. We have achieved our all-around service by developing integrated high performance lines to optimise production in terms of cost, cycle time, safety and waste reduction.”

“In the last years,” Gastaldi continued, “we have gained a leading position as a supplier of complete production systems using CSM technology (PU spray on honeycomb and fibres, also called Baypreg technology) for the production of load floors, parcel shelves, roofs and body panels.”

“Our moulds are a key strong point. We have reached a high level of quality with respect to surface quality and edge cutting accuracy, allowing for the production of moulded parts ready for lamination (cloth or waterproof film) or inserts without the need for deburring or deflashing,” Gastaldi pointed out. “The quality of our tools drastically reduces the amount of release agent sprayed on the mould itself and ensures long-lasting accuracy in edge cutting over time. Furthermore, we have the capability to co-mould inserts directly during the process, by placing them inside the mould. We can also provide automatic piece demoulding, which eliminates the need for additional steps, thus optimising production time and guaranteeing maximum precision.”

Persico has 54 CSM projects in production worldwide, ranging from just the moulds to complete production systems (from raw materials to finished parts, including lamination, edge folding and inserts if needed).

Gastaldi noted, “When it comes to full production systems (tools, wet, dry and sandwich preparation), our customers produce 1,460,000 cars per year, in North America alone, using our production lines. It must be emphasised that these are full production lines supplied by Persico, from A to Z. Moreover, Persico is the only supplier with successful experience in turnkey production systems using any of the top Wet machines.”

Visit Persico Group in Hall 5, Stand M61 at JEC World 2019.

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