Dura Composites Launch New Co-Extruded Fire-Rated & Slip-Resistant Decking Ranges

09 January 2019

Dura Composites Launch New Co-Extruded Fire-Rated & Slip-Resistant Decking Ranges

Dura Composites has expanded its Dura Deck range to include Dura Deck Resist, a co-extruded decking board with an innovative 360 degree outer angle which protects its core from the elements, as well as a new and improved Dura Deck Eco.

Dura Deck Eco has been design engineered to reach the highest standard for wood plastic composite decking in the world and is produced to be both ecological and economical. Available in two widths and in three colours: teak, charcoal and stone, the innovative formula and manufacturing process results in some of the lowest water absorption rates in the industry, thus minimising the risk of expansion. Using state-of-the-art product design, proprietary product formulas and precise manufacturing techniques Dura Composites has been able to achieve an additional 60% strength for Dura Deck Eco versus similar designs from competitors.

Dura Deck resist is Dura Composites’ premium decking board choice for those who require a high specification. This deck is produced via a co-extrusion process and is colour fade resistant, strength load resistant, stain resistant and also highly slip-resistant. It is available in six colours to suit all tastes, all of which feature a stunning deeply embossed wood grain on one side and a light groove on the reverse for maximum versatility.  

Dura Deck Resist is engineered to resist the ignition of fire and has been rigorously tested for peace of mind and confidence – particularly for those installing commercial decking areas meaning that Dura Deck Resist achieves Bfl-s1 according to BS EN 13501. Any project involving a balcony raised terrace area that’s open to the public or part of a public building is required to use a decking that’s fire rated to Class B.

Both ranges have a unique vortex void to optimise their strength over their warranty period in all conditions and for all applications. Additionally, all Dura Deck composite timber boards are reversible to allow the installer to choose from two attractive finishes.

Managing Director, Stuart Burns, explains the importance for landscapers of choosing the right product for their project, “Products at the cheaper end of the market are prone to scratching and fading and will not have been subjected to the rigorous testing methods that customers in 2019 have come to expect. The extra strong outer protective layer of a board like Eco Resist improves its ability to resist mould, mildew, water and scratches, cementing our position as a market leading brand.”

“Landscapers should think about choosing a recognised brand that offers a genuine warranty and detailed installation guidance. It’s also a good idea to use a manufacturer likes Dura, that offers free samples, so you and your customer can spend time looking at the colour and finish of the deck together,” adds Stuart.

The new Dura Deck Eco and Dura Deck Resist ranges are now available through International Timber, as well as selected Jewsons stores.   

Photo provided by Dura Composites

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