Tecniplas Projects 10% Growth in 2019

15 February 2019

Tecniplas Projects 10% Growth in 2019

Brazilian reference in the manufacture of composites tanks and special equipment, Tecniplas predicts a growth of 10% in its sales in 2019.

The result must be guaranteed mainly by the pulp and paper industry demand, believes Luis Gustavo Rossi, director of Tecniplas. ”The paper mill market is in its cycle of new investments, with large groups injecting resources in Brazil. In parallel, some companies signaled that they intend to upgrade or expand their industrial plants, which directly impacts our business.”

Due to the high chemical resistance typical of composites, the tanks and other equipment manufactured by Tecniplas are widely used by companies whose processes involve the handling and storage of corrosive products, as the paper manufacturers. The same happens in the mining sector, the main responsible for the stability of the revenues of Tecniplas in 2018 – throughout the year, the company participated in several export projects.

“Our revenues remained stable last year, and this is excellent news because the period was marked by economic instability and widespread postponement of investments due to the Brazilian elections.”

From the technical point of view, Rossi points out that the main novelty of 2018 for Tecniplas was the concern with the static energy present in certain supplies. “To meet this new requirement, we have developed special laminates, adjusted to international manufacturing standards and in accordance with the stringent quality control and traceability indices presented.”

Photo provided by Tecniplas

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