The 10 Startups Shaking the Composites Industry at JEC World 2019

06 February 2019

The 10 Startups Shaking the Composites Industry at JEC World 2019

After the success of the two first editions, JEC World organises the third edition of Startup Booster, the leading startup competition in Composites, where ten startups will present their innovation in front of a jury of experts.

JEC Group launched Startup Booster programme in 2017 to get closer to the startup world, to attract the new generation of composites entrepreneurs and put them at the forefront of the industry.

The program gives the floor to 10 startups, each of them having five minutes to present their innovation, on 12 March 2019, from 10.30 AM in Agora Stage (Hall 5) in front of a jury of experts from the composites industry.

These 10 startups will be also showcasing within the Startup Booster Village, during the three days, and will benefit from a dedicated program, including workshops with Startup Booster Main Innovation partners’ Airbus & Daimler, and Innovation partner’s Altair.

“Daimler being one of the main Innovation Partner of the Startup Booster, we are looking for innovations, in particular sustainable technologies and processes,” said Dr. Karl-Heinz Fueller, responsible for material innovations and BIW concept development, Daimler.

“As a main Innovation Partner of the Startup Booster competition, we get fantastic direct engagement with the innovators who are defining solutions for the future,” said Jelle Bloemhof, Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Composite at Airbus.

Members of the 2019 jury:

  • Jelle Bloemhof, Head of Manufacturing Technologies of Composite, Airbus
  • Karl-Heinz Fueller, Responsible for material innovations and BIW concept development, Daimler
  • Jeffrey Wollschlager, Senior Director - Composites Technology, Altair Engineering
  • Renaud Poulard, Partner, Omnes Capital
  • Raphael Surun, Head of Composites Department, Beneteau Group

2019 Startup Booster Finalists

  • Biprocel (Spain): A new generation of regenerated, high-end & plant-based materials.
  • Lingrove (US): Materials and design firm focused on plant based fibres and resins
  • UBQ Materials (Israel): Reducing your Carbon Footprint, empowering your pledge to the Environment and Future Generations
  • AirGo (Singapore): World's first full composite economy class passenger seat developer
  • AEON-T (Spain): Enabling mass production of composite parts
  • AREVO (US): Delivering the future of composite manufacturing today through breakthrough advancements in software, materials, and robotics. Through enabling the 3D printing of large, mass-produced parts and structures, AREVO is revolutionising mainstream manufacturing and the global supply chain.
  • Lavoisier Composites (France): New generation of material entirely sourced from the French aerospace transformation sector.
  • Mantis Composites (US): Bringing the advantages of carbon fibre composites to intricate parts which are currently only possible to make out of machined metals.
  • cellEQ (Germany): Developing, producing and distributing individual measuring equipment for the shrinkage analysis of multi-component resin systems.
  • Woodoo (France): Augmented Wood

Photo provided by JEC

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