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Creative Pultrusions Acquires Composite Advantage

16 October 2018

Creative Pultrusions (CPI), Alum Bank, Pennsylvania, US, has completed its acquisition of Composite Advantage (CA).

Composite Advantage will be a division under CPI, a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings.

Composite Advantage is a supplier of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) products for major infrastructure markets. CA’s infusion technology combines progressive designs with the capability to mould large parts, perform on-site assembly, and support customer installations. Since 2005, CA has developed lightweight, high-strength, cost-effective FRP goods for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environments. It offers products ranging from bridge decks, trail bridges, cantilever sidewalks, and rail platforms to fender protection systems, pilings, naval ship separators, and other waterfront structures.

“For more than a decade, we have helped to build industry adoption of FRP composite products in infrastructure, waterfront and rail applications,” says Scott Reeve, President of Composite Advantage. “Teaming with Creative Pultrusions Inc and the Hill and Smith composite groups allows us to expand the way we serve our customers. With the wider range of products within the composite groups, we will deliver even more valuable system solutions for our customers. We will also have the resources to further the growth of CA and expand FRP applications in our current markets. A larger sales network and presence gives us the tools to educate new market spaces about the advantages of FRP. Our team is excited about the opportunity to work with the composite groups and to make a bigger impact in communities with FRP composites.”

“We are pleased to announce this acquisition and welcome CA into our expanding composite groups," Shane E. Weyant, CEO/President of CPI, adds. "CA’s products, combined with their advanced infusion manufacturing technology, will be greatly beneficial to our composite groups. We commend Scott, Andy and the CA team for their dedication and their success in expanding CA. We want to continue our aggressive development of composite products and solutions. We are excited about the future of our composite groups as we strategically position our business units to expand the composite marketplace.”

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