Cobra International Exhibits Product Range at CAMX 2018

16 October 2018

Cobra International Exhibits Product Range at CAMX 2018

Cobra International will showcase a range of composite products at CAMX 2018, including carbon fibre components for the automotive, transportation, marine, water sports and luxury sectors.

From the CAC (Cobra Advanced Composites) team, now a partner to many premium automotive and motorcycle manufacturers in Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK, parts on display for the transportation sector include examples of ultra-lightweight motorbike fairings and suspension arms. A full carbon sports car wheel which was designed, built and engineered at Cobra’s multi-million dollar automotive manufacturing and finishing plant in Chonburi, Thailand, will also be on the booth.

Foils take off with the latest composite technology

With hydrofoils still creating a huge buzz in the water sports and marine worlds, designers are optimising foil shapes with the latest computer aided design tools and simulation techniques. The Cobra water sports team brings these designs to life and it will display a number of hydrofoils, fins and foils designed and built for the Maui Fin Company (MFC), a surf and windsurf fin specialist.

Cobra developed the first prototypes for MFC from scratch and helped to optimise construction methods, performance and the best attachment options for the wings. The company uses multiple technologies to produce different options for prototyping, and then typically switches to resin transfer moulding (RTM) for series production to deliver repeatable, close tolerance parts that require minimal finishing on demoulding.

Bio-based epoxy resin systems are also becoming more common in foil production with Cobra leading the way in terms of switching major production volumes to more sustainable resin systems. Prepreg technology is also used when costly RTM tooling cannot be justified due to lower planned production runs, with Cobra able to tailor laminates to meet the performance or cost targets of each customer.

Lightweighting furniture designs

Representing the work of Cobra’s Design and Development department, a new Carbon Chaise prototype will also be on display, built in partnership with Sutherland Furniture.

One of two prototypes, Cobra’s D&D team led the cooperation in terms of design, material sourcing, engineering and production to create a new modern take on the traditional chaise seat design that combines a full carbon structure with a waterproof textile net that is also created by Cobra.

Cobra will exhibit on Booth F79 at CAMX 2018 in Dallas, Texas, US, on 15-18 October.

Photo provided by Cobra International

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