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Evonik Launches VISIOMER GLYFOMA Low-Odour Reactive Diluent

09 October 2018

Evonik has launched VISIOMER GLYFOMA (glycerol formal methacrylate), a low-odour reactive diluent which can be used anywhere low-VOC properties are required. This makes VISIOMER GLYFOMA a label-free alternative to styrene and methyl methacrylate (MMA) in composite resin, gel-coats and adhesive formulations, where it can replace styrene and MMA, either partially or in full.

“We’re pleased to be able to make VISIOMER GLYFOMA available in commercial quantities starting immediately,” says Dr Martin Trocha, who heads the Application Monomers Product Line at Evonik. “The launch will offer our customers a versatile reactive diluent hallmarked by a large number of additional advantages.”

The methacrylate monomer is also characterised by its low flammability and excellent thermal stability. It remains stable under alkaline conditions and it is based on 38% of glycerol from renewable raw materials.

VISIOMER GLYFOMA is registered under REACH. Prior to REACH registration, independent test laboratories had already determined that the monomer does not cause skin or eye irritation, nor does it trigger allergic skin reactions.

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