Lord Launches Two Automotive Adhesives at Feiplar

06 November 2018

Lord Launches Two Automotive Adhesives at Feiplar

Lord is introducing two new adhesive products for bonding composite automotive parts at the Feiplar exhibition on 6-8 November in São Paulo, Brazil.

The first, LORD 852 / 25GB, is an acrylic-based adhesive suitable for bonding both composites and metal.

“It is the product of our portfolio that currently has the best performance, because it combines high uniformity of bonding and high strength, due to the very large internal cohesion, with greater elongation, desirable characteristics in adhesives with superior performance,” explains Andrios de Souza, Sales Supervisor of LORD.

Compared to previous generations of Lord acrylic adhesives, the new product ensures a performance up to 15% higher in terms of strength, depending on the type of bonding.

“Despite this significant improvement in performance, the price remains quite competitive,” de Souza notes.

Manufactured in Brazil, LORD 852/25GB is already being used by bus assemblers and wind turbine manufacturers.

The other new product is a formulations based on polyurethane (PU) characterised by rapid curing. LORD Fusor 2001/2003 NG maintains the same open time of the conventional PU adhesives, but it reduces the handling time from 2.5 hours to 45 minutes.

“Because of this much faster curing curve, LORD Fusor 2001/2003 NG provides a 25% productivity gain,” de Souza reports. “It is the ideal adhesive for bumpers and panels, among other composite parts present in buses, trucks and agricultural vehicles.”

The Lord booth will feature Stark, TAC Motors' new jeep. TAC´s partner since 2008, when the vehicle development project began, Lord supplies LORD LA 034/19 adhesive for bonding the Stark's hood. Lord is also involved in other projects to increase the use of its adhesives in TAC models, which are mainly focused on process improvements and weight reduction.

Photo provided by Lord

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