Textreme Expands Product Line With ±45° Grid Fabric

27 March 2018

Textreme Expands Product Line With ±45° Grid Fabric

TeXtreme has added a ±45° grid fabric to its line of spread tow products.

The company says this new version of TeXtreme spread tow fabric will further broaden the ability to optimise spread tow solutions for new applications and markets.

TeXtreme Spread Tow Grid can be tailored to meet specific needs such as increasing torsional stiffness with minimum weight increase or enabling radio transmittency through the fabric’s opening. This new grid material can be used in monolithic structures as well as for sandwich skins in either a prepregged form or dry form for infusion. Because of its extremely low areal weight of 21 gsm, this version of the dry grid material can be wet out by capturing excess resin from its neighbouring prepreg plies.

“We are very pleased to introduce another innovative extension of the TeXtreme product family," states Andreas Martsman, VP Marketing & Sales of Oxeon, the manufacturer of TeXtreme. "We believe that this development brings a great value to our customers as we will be able to further optimise the reinforcement solution for each application. I am sure this new TeXtreme version will also unveil new opportunities in an even broader spectrum of applications.”

Even though the grid fabric has designed gaps which resemble a lattice, its characteristics are similar to other TeXtreme spread tow reinforcements. By using the grid fabric by itself or in combination with the other products in the TeXtreme family, optimised reinforcement solutions can be created which enable customers to reduce the weight of their products without sacrificing mechanical properties. The new grid fabric is said to offer excellent stability while handling and can be either manually or automatically cut or handled while being prepregged in standard hot melt processes.

“We work in close cooperation with our clients, providing them with technical support which starts with selecting the optimal reinforcement structure and all of the steps up to and including the production process," continues Martsman. "During this support, we saw a demand for even lighter fabrics, so we decided to invest in and develop this new technology. The range of TeXtreme grid products further strengthens our position as market leaders in the advanced carbon reinforcement technology and will give us an even greater flexibility to meet all customer needs.”

Photo provided by TeXtreme

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