Advanced Engineering 2018

Gurit Launches New Core Materials and Low Toxicity Epoxy Laminating System

13 March 2018

Gurit introduced new balsa and PET core materials and a new low toxicity epoxy laminating system at JEC World 2018 in Paris on 6-8 March.

The newly developed Balsaflex Lite core product features a novel coating system that is said to be capable of reducing the resin uptake in infusion processes by up to 50% for rigid panels and by up to 40% for flexible balsa wood sheets. This means customers can save costs through reduced resin absorption and achieve overall weight saving. Gurit reports that Balsaflex Lite offers superior mechanical properties, consistent high wood quality, good thermal stability and compatibility with epoxy and polyester resin infusion processes.

Gurit reports that its Kerdyn Green PET foam, manufactured from 100% recycled (post-consumer) PET materials, and Balsaflex Lite core materials offer a winning core materials combination for the wind energy industry. They are complemented by the company's existing range of Corecell and PVC structural core materials.

Balsaflex Lite samples are available for Europe and North America. The coating system will be launched to the Asia-Pacific market in the second half of 2018. Balsaflex Lite is supplied in standard sheet size of 610 mm x 1220 mm (2 ft x 4 ft), thickness from 6 mm up to 50 mm and in the existing Balsaflex density range.

Gurit is also launching Ampreg 30, a low toxicity epoxy laminating system for the manufacture of large composite structures in the marine, wind and construction industries. The new system has been reformulated to prioritise user health and safety of hand lay-up and vacuum bagging production techniques through the careful selection of chemicals and the development of Light Reflective Technology (LRT) as a risk monitoring feature.

Ampreg 30 features a robust resin matrix which is said to result in excellent mechanical and thermal properties of laminates produced at ambient temperature cures as well as moderate temperature post-curing processes. The system is available with a range of hardener speeds from fast to extra slow, all applying the same simple mix ratio and the ability to blend hardeners to achieve a range of intermediate working times.

Ampreg 30 is available globally. It comes in a range of pack sizes from small packs to drums and IBC containers. A LRT version is also available which enables inspection of contamination by means of UV light after each work period. This is designed to reduce workers' exposure to chemicals, without changing the mixing and handling properties of the laminating system or cured resin performance.

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