Norco Composites Invests in New Equipment

10 July 2018

Norco Composites Invests in New Equipment

UK company Norco Composites has invested in a larger spray booth and a new cutting and kitting machine to enable the company to increase productivity in line with growing demand from its marine customers.

At the start of 2017 Norco began working with Princess Yachts to manufacture canopies for its V40 and V50 craft. To improve efficiency Norco has adopted and amended the customer’s previous procedures, resulting in a seamless stream of products from lamination, finishing through to the paint shop. The new workflow has put Norco in a position to deliver six canopies per month, which has given the business confidence to invest in its spraying facilities.

Norco has installed a significantly larger spray booth, measuring 10 m x 6 m. This will allow the business to process both larger and multiple structures for initial priming. Painting of composite structures has increased significantly in recent years, as manufacturers seek to differentiate their finished products. Each structure will receive several layers of primer, paint and lacquer, taking 75-150 hours to complete, to ensure the high-quality finish demanded for luxury super yacht manufacture. In addition to marine applications, the larger spray booth will also enable Norco to work on aerospace components including flight simulator hoods. The new booth will complement Norco’s existing spray booth, more than doubling capacity.

To accommodate the arrival of the larger spray booth, Norco has expanded its facilities with two additional units on the Holton Heath Industrial Estate in Poole. The current cutting facilities have been relocated into one of the new units and the company will shortly take delivery of a new cutting and kitting machine. The production of material kits for certain composite manufacturing applications is essential, enabling Norco to guarantee consistency and maintain quality. Kits are produced from plywood, foam or GRP laminates. The addition of the new cutting machine will enable the company to produce kits faster and more efficiently for customers within the marine and aerospace industries.

“Adding this vital equipment will enable us to significantly increase our capability in two key areas of our process flow," says Mark Northey, Managing Director of Norco. "We are seeing an increase in demand for painted components and the new spray booth will allow us to manufacture components quicker. The new kitting machine will improve our efficiency and allow us to produce kits to a tighter tolerance. We have invested in this equipment as we have seen a growth in demand across several market sectors and we are now positioned to take full advantage of this growth potential.”

Photo provided by Norco Composites

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