AeroNed Appointed European Service Centre for BriskHeat Hot Bonders

21 August 2018

AeroNed Appointed European Service Centre for BriskHeat Hot Bonders

AeroNed has been appointed the authorised location for BriskHeat’s ACR hot bonder calibrations and repair in Europe. Located in the Netherlands, AeroNed will perform these services for BriskHeat’s ACR 3 Hot Bonders and ACR MiniPRO Hot Bonders.

BriskHeat ACR hot bonders control the heat and vacuum for on-the-spot composite and metal bond repairs/cures. The systems are portable and self-contained, allowing mobility for in-the-field repairs used in aircraft repair, wind turbine blade repair and a variety of industries like automotive and marine in applications such as recreational vehicles, racing, sporting goods and more.

"AeroNed is happy to have become the European service, repair and calibration centre for BriskHeat,” says Daan Korenhoff, Commercial Director at AeroNed, a supplier of aircraft components for civil aircraft and helicopters. “We’re proud that BriskHeat has given us the trust and support to get to this point. The first calibrations and repairs have successfully been performed in our new workshop, and several AeroNed technicians have been trained by BriskHeat to guarantee the highest quality standards for repairs and calibrations. We look forward to a bright future of working together.”

Within the coming months, AeroNed will also open a showroom to display BriskHeat products including hot bonders, heating blankets, and vacuum/debulking tables.  

“This partnership strengthens our European service offerings which will benefit customers who can now turn to AeroNed for their repair and calibration needs,” states Hampton Brown, Director of International Composite Sales at Columbus, Ohio, US based BriskHeat. “We’re pleased to be working with AeroNed and are excited about the future possibilities.”

Photo provided by AeroNed / BriskHeat

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