Technology Park Ypenburg Initiative Strengthens Innovation in Advanced Materials

10 April 2018

Technology Park Ypenburg Initiative Strengthens Innovation in Advanced Materials

The Technology Park Ypenburg programme has been officially launched in The Netherlands. The municipality of The Hague, four local companies – Airborne, KVE, Promolding and GTM – and the Digital Factory for Composites (DFC) field lab will jointly invest €1.6 million in this initiative in 2018.

The programme focuses on automated and digitised production of advanced materials such as composites and fibre metal laminates, with an important role for robotics. The objective is to provide a foundation for strengthening regional innovation and the growth of business, jobs, knowledge institutes and investment aimed at innovative manufacturing, specialised in high-tech materials.

The participants expect that an attractive business climate will be created for other companies at Ypenburg. They will benefit from the relevant infrastructure on the business park, mutual cooperation, collaboration with knowledge institutes and the municipality, and the presence of a diverse workforce in the region.

One component in the programme is the DFC field lab, where entrepreneurs, regional educational institutions and investors can go to for workshops, knowledge sharing, and to find interesting investment projects. As part of Smart Manufacturing: Industrial Application in South Holland (SMITZH), the lab will contribute to a strong region that can compete at world level. SMITZH aims to support the South Holland manufacturing industry in applying smart manufacturing. The ambition is to grow into a one-stop-shop where companies come for knowledge and technology to make their high-quality products competitive.

“As literally the first company that established itself on this business park after Fokker's bankruptcy, KVE has grown into a company with, among other things, unique knowledge in the field of welding thermoplastic composites,” states Harm van Engelen, director, KVE Composites Group. “The collaborative project offers the possibility to link this knowledge to, for example, the injection moulding knowledge of Promolding, the satellite design knowledge of GTM and the automation knowledge of Airborne in order to realise completely new product-market combinations. Through intensive cooperation with knowledge institutions in the region, missing input from adjacent knowledge areas is added, such as mechatronics, modelling, sensor technology and chemistry. KVE expects a lot from this collaboration.”

It is great that the city of The Hague supports the development of advanced products at the Ypenburg location,” comments Jan Willem Gunnink, CEO/President, GTM Advanced Structures. “GTM is active in the field of advanced materials and constructions for aviation and space technology and appreciates this initiative of the municipality of The Hague. With this, it offers further possibilities to intensify the cooperation between the companies at Ypenburg and to serve the national and international industry even better with the high-tech products that are developed and made at Ypenburg.”

“Automation and digitisation of composite manufacturing is at the core of our business strategy,” says Marcus Kremers, Chief Technology Officer, Airborne. “This programme and the cooperation with the other companies at Ypenburg and DFC strengthens the technological foundation and ensures that we can develop and grow much faster. We welcome the collaboration with partners very much, because the need for automation of composites in the market is much larger than we can cover only by ourselves.”

“Now that the companies at Ypenburg have grown up, the time has come to offer a joint proposition that will mean a 'not-to-refuse offer' for the international business community, states Jac. Gofers, CEO, Promolding. “In the field of high-tech plastics and composites, top knowledge is available at both the companies and the educational programs in the region. It is great that we can now bring innovative products and processes to the Ypenburg Technology Park.”

Photo provided by Technology Park Ypenburg

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