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JETCAM Updates Core Products

10 April 2018

JETCAM Updates Core Products

JETCAM has announced new versions of its entire range of core applications, reflecting the company's continuing move into total automation and Industry 4.0 support for the sheet metal and composite manufacturing sectors.

JETCAM Expert v20 CADCAM software includes JET-Cut, which allows complex grids of holes to be laser cut using artificial intelligence that is far quicker than traditional methods, without the user having to specify which areas should have the logic applied. It applies logic on any suitable geometry, allowing users to import a CAD file, apply profiling information and nest components in seconds – fully automatically. JET-Optimizer delivers an optimised sequence of cutting internal holes to minimise machine movements while trying to avoid travel over already cut holes.

Overall, JETCAM Expert benefits from hundreds of changes across all areas of the software, support for over a dozen new machines and many enhancements to various existing postprocessors, the company says.

JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) version 3 offers feature enhancements over its predecessor, including a powerful new batch nest report, redesigned nests screen and integration into JETCAM’s Line Commander line management software.

Version 5 of JETCAM’s composite manufacturing suite CrossTrack is now available for the sheet metal industry, delivering enterprise-level tracking of material, complete automation of the nesting process, order management and shop floor nest scheduling.

CrossTrack also benefits from the launch of mobile versions of its Material Transfer Station. Available in both iOS and Android formats the application allows users to quickly scan the barcode of material or parts to facilitate location transfers or obtain information. The apps are free to download and use customers’ existing Material Transfer Station licenses.

All updates are available free to existing customers with a current maintenance contract.

Also launched with Expert v20 is the latest version of JETCAM’s High Performance Nesting option, designed to deliver greater material efficiency faster than ever before for both single and multi-sheet nesting operations.

“These releases are the result of literally thousands of man hours and mark a significant step forward for customers aspiring to automation and Industry 4.0," states Martin Bailey, General Manager of JETCAM International. "However, each new automation feature allows for manual intervention at every stage.”

The company reports that its JETCAM Expert range of CADCAM software supports virtually every CNC punching, laser, plasma, routing, waterjet and flatbed cutting machine.

Photo provided by JETCAM

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