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Granta Extends Materials Data Support for Simulation

30 May 2017

Granta Extends Materials Data Support for Simulation

JAHM Curve Data, an extensive dataset of temperature-dependent material properties, is now available within Granta Design's GRANTA MI and CES Selector software application for this data is to provide reliable inputs for simulation.

Version 5 of the GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway app is also now available, enabling fast browsing and filtering of materials data from within leading simulation software including Abaqus/CAE, ANSYS Workbench, NX, and HyperMesh.

Under an agreement with JAHM Software, Granta users gain access to data covering more than 2900 materials (including metals, plastics and ceramics), with 24,000 sets of temperature-dependent data for elastic modulus, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, S-N fatigue curves, stress-strain curves, and more. Now this data is fully released within the GRANTA MI materials information management system. Companies use GRANTA MI to create a single, easily-accessible, traceable ‘gold source’ for all of their corporate materials information. This includes both proprietary intellectual property, such as simulation models derived from their test data, and data from Granta’s library of trusted reference sources. Users can access all of the data they need in one place, including from directly within CAE software via MI:Materials Gateway.

Version 5 of MI:Materials Gateway debuts a new architecture designed to provide a fast, intuitive user experience, with instant app start-up to enable extremely fast browsing and filtering of the materials in a company database. Designers and analysts launch the app within their chosen CAE environments and use it to find the right materials data, fast, with guaranteed consistency and traceability. With this latest version, users can quickly review full material properties for a chosen material while still in the CAE environment, using new in-app datasheets. Version 5 also provides improved support for centralised deployment, enabling easier distribution and update of the app across design and simulation teams.

“The ideal data for simulation comes from fully-tested, statistically-analysed materials characterisation," explains Dr Sarah Egan, Product Manager for Granta’s Data Products. "But that type of data is not always available, particularly in early-stage design when some initial design data may be required prior to investing in a full material testing program. So it is important to use high-quality reference data. The new JAHM Curve Data provides this for a wide range of materials and is an exciting addition to our materials reference collection.”

The JAHM Curve Data can also be accessed using CES Selector. This desktop PC software provides a method for engineers to access the data and export for use in simulations where their organisations have not yet implemented a GRANTA MI system. It also enables JAHM Curve Data to be included in materials selection studies – for example, where the engineer may wish to narrow down the choice of material for an application to those for which good simulation input data exists.

Photo provided by Granta

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