Teijin Exhibits High Performance Products at JEC World 2017

14 March 2017

The Teijin Group will showcase a wide range of high-performance composite products at JEC World 2017.

Teijin and a newly affiliated Teijin Group company, Continental Structural Plastics, say they will present a number of displays, including: 

  • Tenax Part via Preform (PvP), enabling serial production of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) automotive parts. Tenax carbon fibre is sprayed, consolidated and trimmed automatically into near net-shape preforms, helping to reduce carbon fibre waste and minimise intermediate processing. The injection uses a high-pressure resin transfer moulding (HP-RTM) technology including an in-mould coating step providing easy surface painting. Delivery of an automotive part produced in small series has started and a car including this part will be exhibited.

  • Tenax-E COMPOUND rPEEK CF30, a reinforced material combination of a reinforced material combination of waste materials generated during processing of Tenax ThermoPlastics and recycled semi crystalline PEEK polymer, which contains 30% of carbon fibre by weight and offers a high performance in strength and stiffness for injection moulding applications. It has almost identical performance to virgin standard material in tensile modulus and strength, viscosity, chemical resistance, abrasion and low moisture absorption. It also reduces 40-60% of selling price compared to virgin carbon fibre reinforced PEEK compounds.

  • Sereebo, the world’s first mass-production technology for carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP), improves production efficiency by significantly reducing moulding time to less than one minute. Useful solutions are possible for high-volume mass production of automotive parts such as front bulkhead and crash can, monocoque-structure cameras and more.

  • High Performance Pultrusions are custom engineered for applications using both glass fibre and carbon fibre, braided, woven, pull-wound and/or unidirectional fibres together with a variety of resin systems, give virtually unlimited combinations of competitively priced high volume structural composite solutions for energy, automotive and aerospace applications.

  • Twaron and Technorapara-aramid fibres offering attractive energy-saving and eco-minded composite solutions. They have excellent properties in stiffness, strength, damage tolerance and aesthetics and used in boat hulls and sails, hockey sticks, motorcycle helmets and other sporting goods. They also enable air cargo’s unit load devices (ULDs) significantly lighter and more durable than conventional aluminum ULDs additionally featuring fire resistance for over four hours. Moreover, Twaron provides endless opportunities for lightweight solutions in body armor and hard ballistics.

  • EndumaxUltra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), offering high dimensional stability at very low weight, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications whenever there is a need for superior strength, safety, light weight or durability like in ballistic protection or cargo containers.

  • Panlite Polycarbonate (PC), including blends (PC/PET, PC/PBT) and PC/ABS Multilon, boast low weight, high-impact strength, dimensional stability and superb processing. Additional properties, such as resistance to scratching or UV light, can be added by with Teijin’s special coating systems.

  • Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) Compounds are filled with carbon, aramid or conductive fibres for outstanding mechanical rigidity and strength (carbon fibre), high impact strength and low friction (aramid fibre) or EMI shielding (conductive fibre). Teijin’s unique high-performance PPS compounds will enable innovative solutions that further accelerate the metal-to-resin transition in automotive components.

  • TCA Ultra Lite is a 1.2 specific gravity sheet moulding compound. TCA Ultra Lite offers a premium Class A finish with paint and gloss qualities comparable to metals, including aluminum. The material is able to withstand the E-coat process, and passes all OEM paint tests.

  • Multi-Material Decklid Concept is last year’s JEC World 2016 Innovation Award in the Automotive Exterior Parts category. This decklid features a TCA Ultra Lite outer and a carbon fibre resin transfer moulded (RTM) inner, and weighs just 12.11 lbs. (5.5 kg.), a 13 percent weight savings over a similar decklid made from aluminum.

Visit Teijin in Hall 6, Stand G28 and Continental Structural Plastics in Hall 6, Stand P28 at JEC World 2017.



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