JETCAM Showcases New Versions of Crosstrack and Latest Expert CAM/Nesting Software at JEC World

07 March 2017

JETCAM will exhibit version 4 of its CrossTrack Composite Manufacturing suite, including the new Material Tracking Lite (MTL) product aimed at customers who want low-cost material life tracking of rolls and kits at JEC World 2017.

According to JETCAM, CrossTrack MTL provides a cost-effective way to implement traceability of both rolls and kits of plies across the cutting room. Staff are presented with a simple interface where batches of material can be created and booked in quickly using barcode scanners. Unlimited locations can be added, after which stock can then be tracked as it moves around the facility. Once plies are cut the resulting kits can also be added and tracked. CrossTrack also tracks the remaining life of both rolls and kits, and allows for full reporting using a powerful in-built reporting engine. CrossTrack MTL is ‘nesting system agnostic’ and does not need to integrate with JETCAM Expert CAM/Nesting software, but can be upgraded to higher end versions at any time in the future if required.

JETCAM adds that CrossTrack 4 will also include the option to connect to RFID scanning systems. This will allow for completely hands free and automatic scanning of materials or kits as they arrive or leave locations, removing the requirement for staff to manually input or scan each item.

Many companies need to provide traceability reports for their customers when delivering finished parts, and JETCAM claims that all versions of CrossTrack now include an immediate traceability report for either a given roll or kit at the right-click of a mouse. Each kit report details comprehensive data, including movements, and for a particular kit and plies it consists of and any roll of material associated with it, along with its location, time-stamps and who created the log entry.

Other features include improved grid/nest batch reports, the ability to link materials that are not plies into a given assembly (i.e. honeycomb ‘fillers’), and database slimming, which results in significantly smaller database file sizes as data is added to the system.

CrossTrack 4 is also able to use barcode scanners for semi-automatic barcode scanning, as well as advanced RFID scanning technology for automatic roll, kit, mould and other items tracking.

JETCAM will also be showcasing the latest versions of its Expert nesting software and Orders Controller software, both of which include several new major features. JETCAM Expert’s new interface also benefits from continuous improvements, including right-click menus and sub-menus from within all component and nest screens.

JETCAM says it has continued to expand its online learning centre, JETCAM University. Accessible through, it is free to use for all existing customers and can be viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Since launching in March 2016 several thousand videos have already been viewed.

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager for JETCAM International, “CrossTrack 4 now offers a scalable solution suitable for all types and sizes of composite manufacturer – from SMEs through to multinational enterprises. CrossTrack MTL delivers an extremely cost-effective solution to companies needing to track material location and life. As it does not need to integrate into a nesting systems customers wanting to keep their existing nesting software can do so, but they have a full upgrade path to take advantage of JETCAM’s high performance nesting in the future if they wish to do so. The addition of the MTL learning course in our Online University means that customers can be self-sufficient in a matter of hours.”

Visit JETCAM and Assembly Guidance on Stand P68 at JEC World 2017.

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