Airtech Showcase Vacuum Bag & Composite Tooling innovation at JEC World

07 March 2017

Airtech Showcase Vacuum Bag & Composite Tooling innovation at JEC World

Airtech will be displaying a number of its latest vacuum bag and composite tooling innovations at JEC World including Flashbreaker 1, Beta TX670 Prepreg, Filmcote 1524, EcnoTape 1 and 2 and Stretch Flow 2000.

Pre-cut pieces of Flashbreaker 1 are  available which Airtech explains greatly reduces time, labour, and waste. According to Airtech, there are convenient pull tabs for ease of removal are made from the same Flashbreaker tape so there are no qualification issues.

Also on display, the latest Beta TX670 Prepreg will be launched with examples of complex machined Beta composite tooling. In addition, Airtech will demonstrate state of the art technologies for moulding hollow stringer structures. Airtech explains that Beta Prepreg TX 670 is a special form of Airtech's Beta Prepreg. Beta TX 670 uses a balanced triaxial weave fabric. Each ply is balanced and quasi-isotropic. This fabric offers simplified ply orientation and faster lay-ups. Airtech explains that Beta Prepreg TX 670 is quasi-isotropic within each ply and that quasi-isotropic, discontinuous fibre versions are available.

A new release film preventing the use of release liquids, Filmcote 1524, will be demonstrated. Filmcote 1524 is an engineered film developed as a replacement for release liquids on the surface of mould tools. Filmcote 1524 remains on the part surface after demould providing protection from damage or contamination during subsequent process. Airtech says that this means there is no contamination of parts by release agents transfer offering excellent release reduces rework or cleaning of tooling. The film also protects parts during trim and drill operation.

EconoTape 1 and 2 are described as new inexpensive, multipurpose pressure sensitive tapes with silicone adhesive. Airtech says that these tapes can be used for holding down vacuum bagging materials, thermocouples, and other lay-up items. EconoTape 1 and 2 can be used for room temperature to 177°C applications. Available in both 1 mil (EconoTape1) and 2 mil (EconoTape2) film thickness.

Stretch Flow 2000 is a thin, knitted, nylon stretchable breather used in a variety of applications. Airtech explains that the high-stretch characteristics of Stretch Flow 2000 enable it to conform to many complex contour surfaces. The thinness of the breather helps reduce wrinkling on male corners of the vacuum bag which can transfer to parts. Better elongation avoids bridging and improves pressure application into corners, improving quality of finish parts. Stretch Flow 2000 can be provided cut to length in kit form or heat-seamable for customized, stretchable configurations.

The Stretchlease range of combination products were introduced to the composite market by Airtech many years ago to reduce labour times during the moulding process. At JEC World 2017 Airtech will be showing new Combo products for Prepreg and Infusion processing.  Airtech continues to develop this technology and new material combinations to further reduce touch labour, enable large part manufacture and achieve greater part quality.

Visit Airtech in Hall 5A, Stand F40 where it will be hosting live demonstrations every day at 11:00 and 15:00.



Photo provided by Airtech

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