Kordsa Develops Resin Technology for Fast Cure Prepregs

27 June 2017

Kordsa has developed a new resin technology for prepregs with a curing time of 3 minutes for applications in the automotive industry.

The technology was developed at Kordsa's Composite Technologies Centre of Excellence, which brings together industry representatives and academics under the same roof for basic and applied research, technology and product development, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing processes.

Compression moulding is the recommended process for the new resin system. Kordsa reports that it cures in under 3 minutes at 150°C at press under isothermal curing conditions, is hot de-mouldable, and has a long out-life of two weeks at ambient temperature. The prepreg system is said to be capable of giving a Class A surface quality, shows a good drapability and is suitable for both fast press moulding and low to medium tack optimised for press curing.

The prepreg is available as UD and various weaving styles of carbon and glass and can also be used in structural applications requiring excellent chemical resistance.

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