SMARTCOMP Targets Smart Textile Structures

20 June 2017

The SMARTCOMP project led by AITEX will focus on the development of smart textile structures, often called textronic elements, with applications in the development of multifunctional heat stable composites.

In recent years, R&D efforts in the field of textiles for composites have been centred on the development of low cost, high performance textile structures, AITEX reports. The use of smart textiles offers numerous possibilities for innovation with respect to ground breaking multifunctional properties in the field of composite materials. The challenges facing this R&D project reside in the creation of smart textiles which can be successfully integrated into a multi-layer structure of a composite material, which has been consolidated either with resin or by a laminating process. This means that the textile must be able to withstand fairly high temperatures, in addition to being compatible with other composite manufacturing processes and heat-stable resins normally used in the field.

The principal technical objectives to be met within the framework of SMARTCOMP include:

  • research and development of smart, multifunctional textile structures for use as reinforcement in composite materials;
  • a study of the possibilities for functionalising textile structures with textronic components and multifunctional polymer systems;
  • research into the continuous lamination process and the applicability of textronic components in the functionalisation of textiles;
  • research into the vacuum infusion process and the applicability of textronic components in the functionalisation of composite materials;
  • analysis of the obtained properties in the laminated materials as a consequence of the integration of textronic elements;
  • analysis of the obtained properties in the composite materials as a consequence of the integration of textronic elements;
  • the study and development of demonstrators for each target industrial sector depending on the innovative properties conferred on the multifunctional composite materials.

The SMARTCOMP solutions developed during the project are expected to have interesting applications in the decoration, interior design, home, and creative industries and other markets.

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