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OCSiAl Invests in Luxembourg Nanotube Production Facility

11 July 2017

OCSiAl Invests in Luxembourg Nanotube Production Facility

The Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and OCSiAl have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the construction of a production facility for single wall carbon nanotubes with an annual capacity up to 250 tonnes, as well as a centre for applied nanotechnology.

The first stage of the facility is scheduled for launch in 2020. This manufacturing and R&D complex will become the world’s largest centre for the synthesis and industrial application of single wall carbon nanotubes, OCSiAl states.

OCSiAl’s investment will total €80-100 million and the project is expected to generate up to 200 jobs in R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing, maintenance and support services.

The Luxembourg government intends to grant OCSiAl a surface right on industrial land for the construction of the production facility and an R&D centre for the development of industrial nanotube applications. A plot of land in Differdange has been selected.

“Our choice for the location of the world’s largest facility was determined by the fact that Luxembourg is a highly industry-friendly environment and it is known for its strong commitment to assisting the development of the most innovative technologies," says Konstantin Notman, CEO of OCSiAl Europe. "As OCSiAl’s corporate headquarters has been based in Luxembourg, the company is well aware of the high working standards and fast processing speeds when collaborating with both national government and municipality administrations. This kind of approach accelerates the development of new technologies.”

“The implementation of the new OCSiAl production and R&D facilities in Luxembourg confirms that the Grand Duchy is a destination of choice for investment by international hi-tech companies and for R&D activities," states Etienne Schneider, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy. "This project is in line with our economic diversification policy, which focuses on the sector of innovative materials and on research-intensive activities, and I am confident that the new OCSiAl operations in Luxembourg will be a great opportunity to further enhance the recognition of our composite materials competence centre.”

OCSiAl reports that it is the only company allowed to produce and commercialise single wall carbon nanotubes in industrial volumes in Europe. In September 2016, its core product, TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes, became the first in that category to be registered under the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations.

In addition to the production facility, OCSiAl intends to construct a centre for applied nanotechnology focused on industrial solutions for composite, elastomer and thermoplastic materials. The company is continuing to contribute to applied science and cooperates closely with more than 20 scientific centres in many countries.

OCSiAl claims to hold 90% of the world’s single wall carbon nanotube market, with a current production capacity of 10 tonnes. This is scheduled to reach 160 tonnes in 2020 along with the launch of new production facilities.

Photo provided by OSCSiAL

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