Brazilian Composites Industry´s Top of Mind Winners

19 December 2017

Representatives of the Brazilian composites sector gathered at the Institute for Technological Research (IPT), in São Paulo, on 7 December for the awards ceremony of the Composites Industry´s Top of Mind, organised by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO).

This year's edition compiled 5,326 votes, distributed in 26 categories. Destaque Business Research carried out the survey.

The winners (and the percentage of votes obtained by each) are:

  • Polyester Resin: Ashland (40%)
  • Epoxy Resin: Redelease (17.8%)
  • Vinyl Ester Resin: Ashland (43%)
  • Polyurethane Resin: Purcom (39%)
  • Fibreglass: Owens Corning (56.9%)
  • Carbon fibre: Texiglass (33.3%)
  • Adhesives: Lord (57.4%)
  • Peroxide: Polinox (38.9%)
  • Gelcoat: Morquímica (22%)
  • Moulding Compounds: A. Schulman (24.6%)
  • Release Agents: Redelease (38.9%)
  • Additives: BYK (51.3%)
  • Manual Processes (hand lay-up/spray-up): Marcopolo (23%)
  • RTM: Tecnofibras (17.1%)
  • SMC: Tecnofibras (31.8%)
  • BMC: A. Schulman (48.8%)
  • Pultrusion: Cogumelo (30.7%)
  • Infusion: Barracuda (17.2%)
  • Filament Winding: Petrofisa (21.4%)
  • Continuous Lamination: Fibralit (38.5%)
  • Mould Manufacture: AJB Souza (29.2%)
  • Fabrics for Reinforcements: Texiglass (32.5%)
  • Equipment: Fibermaq (52.7%)
  • Distributors: Redelease (43.2%)
  • Innovation: Lord (12.6%)
  • Composites Industry: Redelease (14.2%)

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