Kanfit Signs Deal with EOS for M290 3D Additive Manufacturing Machine

17 May 2016

Kanfit has signed an agreement with EOS to purchase an M290 industrial 3D additive manufacturing machine for high-quality metal parts and prototypes.

Kafit explains that the new printer for the 3D additive manufacturing of Ti64 G5 is the latest technology to be introduced. Last year, it inaugurated its new autoclave facility for the production of composite parts, including hybrid main landing gear and avionic doors, and wing-to-belly fairings.

“This new addition to our technological capabilities is another step in our strategy to provide top quality innovative solutions to our customers. The addition of the 3D printer to our other technological capabilities such as the  autoclave enables us to enlarge our product and service offerings and puts us in a position to competitively bid and participate in a wider range of industry projects than ever before,” said Shai Fine, Founder and General Manager of Kanfit. “Our reputation as a reliable and trusted manufacturer of both high quality composite and metal parts is spreading, as more and more companies turn to us for cost-effective, lightweight, fuel-efficient products.”

In addition to the 3D additive manufacturing machine and autoclave, Kanfit adds that it is also developing other technologies for its manufacturing processes, including automated fibre placement (AFP) and robotic filament winding of closed frames.


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