Alcore Announces Award by Boeing for V-22 Osprey Honeycomb Core Structural Floor Panels

29 March 2016

The Gill Corporation has announced that its subsidiary, Alcore, has been awarded another long-term contract by Boeing Defense, Space & Security to furnish non-metallic honeycomb core floor panel bonded assemblies in support of the V-22 program.

Alcore explains that it was awarded its first V-22 floor panel assembly contract in 2010, followed by a follow-on contract award in 2013 and most recently, in February 2016, it received a multi-year contract award through to 2022.

Stephen Gill, CEO and Chairman of The Gill Corporation states, "The V-22 award is an excellent fit for our vertical integration capabilities where the honeycomb core is produced at The Gill Corporation in El Monte, California, US, and the value-added operations to machine and bond the core is performed at our Alcore, division in Maryland, US.”

According to the Gill Corporation, it has a long history as a leader in the science of advanced composite materials, and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Boeing Supplier of The Year and was featured on a segment of the Science Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made show.


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