Gearing Scientific Invest in TA Instruments Pukka TMA

08 March 2016

Gearing Scientific has invested in a TA Instruments Pukka TMA apparatus for measuring the thermal expansion of materials even where this is very small.

Gearing Scientific says that, for example, on a recent composite sample test in three orthogonal directions, it measured slightly positive expansion in one direction, a slightly negative one in the fibre direction and a larger positive expansion in the 3rd direction.

According to Gearing Scientific it can cover the T range from < -100°C to 1000°C which is says is more than enough for most composite applications, and plan to turn around samples within 10 to 14 days of receipt and often this will be much faster. It says that these complement its 6 off Lasercomp (TA) thermal conductivity and specific heat testing apparatus and the ubiquitous DMA for Tg determinations. T range for thermal conductivity is up to 250°C and for specific heat Cp (including for composite materials) up to 180°C. The DMA can go to well over 400°C if necessary.

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