The Revology Concept Chair Avant-premier Showing at JEC World

01 March 2016

Revology, the New Zealand design-tech start-up, will present its first creation: a concept chair made out of flax fibre, reinterpreting the legendary 1850 bistro chair, at JEC World.

Revology explains that the result of a fusion between sustainable materials and exclusive processing technologies, the Revology concept chair is the first chair to be made out of flax fibre tubes and bio-based materials.

Lightweight and strong, Revology says that it is notable for its contemporary, elegant and natural lines: the chair combining transparency and natural, un-died, fibres. "The DNA of Revology lies in highlighting a natural, raw material, rarely used in designer creations because of the difficulties in processing it," explains Alex Guichard, CEO of Revology.

By reinterpreting a timeless designer object, Revology says it becomes part of the history of the bistro chair, bringing to it new materials and a unique design. "The bistro chair is a masterpiece of design that has embodied the “douceur de vivre” for over 150 years. An object that is avant-garde due to both its design and use of flax fibre, our concept chair is a new step forward in the history of the bistro chair," he continues.

Applied to the chair, composite materials have the advantage of being lightweight, versatile and strong, combined with an elegant design that time will not alter. "Used in the aviation industry and luxury sectors, composites are seen as too technical or as inaccessible materials. With Revology, we want to show that they are also materials we can introduce into our everyday world, we want to make them attainable for the general public: sustainable design, high-end product but reasonably priced!" concludes Alex Guichard.

Discover the Revology concept chair at JEC World Revology Hall 5A, Stand F30.

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