NetComposites Expands Analytical Test Facilities

12 July 2016

Due to an increase in demand for its services, NetComposites has increased the capability of its mechanical testing facilities.

With the addition of a new Shimadzu EZ – LX mechanical testing machine, NetComposites is now able to offer test force measurement precision at low mechanical loads. NetComposites can test smaller loads, particularly those associated with resin failure, with greater accuracy. 

The EZ-LX hosts a high-precision 1 kN load cell which will significantly amplify the range of composite prototypes that NetComposites can evaluate. Acquiring this new benchmark testing machine will allow NetComposites’ testing to be more productive and more accurate than ever before.   

First trials using the machine have already taken place and NetComposites are very happy with the results. Ben Hargreaves, NetComposites’ Consultancy Manager, said “We’re really pleased with the addition of this new mechanical testing machine which adds to our existing facilities for dynamic mechanical analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, heat deflection temperature, and melt flow index. We are now able to work with our partners to establish accurate results for resin process and development. We’re also looking forward to working with new clients on their resin development.”

As well as testing and analysis, NetComposites continues to offer the following services:

  • Market Intelligence

  • Process Evaluation and Development 
  • Design and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 
  • Material Development
  • Part Prototyping

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