Hexagon Lincoln Receives US DOT Permit for TITAN XL

12 July 2016

The United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) has granted Hexagon Lincoln permit for TITAN XL.

Hexagon Composites explains that the TITAN XL was first introduced in Latin America in 2015. It represents the highest-capacity road trailer in the world in a 40-foot container, capable of transporting 525,000 scf (15,000 scm) of compressed natural gas (CNG) with only 31.5 metric ton including trailer weight. The unique, ultra-light carbon fibre Type 4 cylinders are key to it meeting Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) limitations of several US states.

"We are committed to providing North America, and the world, with products that promote the use of clean and affordable energy," says Frank Häberli, Vice President Mobile Pipeline Division. "TITAN XL transports 44% more gas than TITAN 4. Companies will benefit from fewer trips, reduced operating costs and increased competitiveness."

Hexagon Composites' adds, Mobile Pipeline products have become the industry standard for moving large amounts of compressed gas.


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